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WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres and Snoop Dogg dance at a private party

11:54 am Mar. 27, 2017

Ellen DeGeneres and Snoop Dogg danced the night away at a recent private party and of course, someone shot cell-phone video of the impromptu performance.

“I was really getting down,” Ellen said as she narrated the clip during her show. “I don’t know why, but after I had been up there dancing with Snoop, I was hungry for Cheetos.”

(You either get that last joke or you don’t. You probably do.)

Snoop made headlines

Want a tiny house for next to nothing?

6:48 am Mar. 27, 2017

If you’re interested in a tiny home and have a tiny budget, this might be a giant opportunity for you.

A bankruptcy auction next door in Alabama has more than two dozen dwellings in various states

Rachel Dolezal has a book coming out and has changed her name

1:18 pm Mar. 24, 2017

Rachel Dolezal, who was ousted from her role as a local NAACP president in Washington state and lost a part-time university teaching job after it was revealed that she is a white, still identifies as black but has changed her name.

She has a new book coming out: “In Full Color.”

PAST COVERAGE: “Are you ashamed of being white” a host on “The Real” asks Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal explains that she was

Plaza Theatre damage moves some Atlanta Film Festival events

7:10 am Mar. 24, 2017

How’s this for dramatic timing: right before Atlanta’s Plaza Theatre was due to host the Atlanta Film Festival, damage caused during a previous private party is forcing a few last-minute changes.

The theater didn’t spell out a lot of details, saying only  that “damage caused by a third party during a private event rental on March 18″ was to blame. No one was hurt, but the impact is clear.

Jermaine Dupri concert launch event showcases social media’s power

2:27 pm Mar. 23, 2017

Remember when aspiring music stars dreamt of having their single played on the radio? How quaint. An event held this week pairing music industry veterans and a clutch of up and comers illustrated just how much things have changed.

So So Def CEO and “The Rap Game” executive producer Jermaine Dupri, rapper and broadcast personality Da Brat and Scream Nation CEO Michael Mauldin were joined by talented young artists who have

The Rock and Zac Efron dress up, haul refrigerators in “Baywatch” trailer

7:35 am Mar. 23, 2017

Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson go undercover, hide among the dead, occasionally spar and haul refrigerators in the big-screen adaptation of the “Baywatch” series. The movie is due out May 26.

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It filmed in Tybee Island –

Celebrity “Cat Daddy” Jackson Galaxy at Furkids event this Saturday

7:30 am Mar. 22, 2017

With his tattoos, piercings, trendy beard and eyeglasses and rocker vibe, Jackson Galaxy might seem like the kind of guy whose pet would be some snarling beast at the end of a chain. Maybe an exotic reptile.

Although he does have pet dogs (and a turtle), Galaxy is famous for his near mystical ability to connect with felines and correct various behavior issues. The “Cat Daddy,” as he’s known,

Omarosa praises Trump’s actions on HBCUs, other topics

7:39 am Mar. 21, 2017

Reality show personality turned Donald Trump operative Omarosa Manigault praised the president’s actions on historically black colleges and universities and other issues, saying, “Every single promise he made we’ve outlined and we are checking off

Come on. Shaq has to be pulling our leg with this flat-earth stuff

6:32 pm Mar. 20, 2017

Come on, Shaq.

NBA great turned analyst, actor, celebrity pitchman and civic leader Shaquille O’Neal is trending upon word he voiced support for the notion that the earth is flat. He can’t be serious.

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Shaq surprises cops, neighborhood kids

Shaq’s St. Patrick’s Day message

As if the changing seasons and the fact that the sun rises in the east and