No tacos with Kanye, study finds

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Kanye West was among the black artists subjected to more thorough security screening than white artists, a lawsuit filed by the Atlanta Hawks' former security manager claims. Photo: Getty Images

Americans would love to have tacos with Betty White but Kanye West? Eh, not so much.

So finds a scintillating bit of research commissioned by Chevys Fresh Mex, which just so happens to serve tacos, to coincide with National Taco Day, which evidently is Saturday. Happy Cuatro de Octubre everyone!

The online survey of 2,005 US adults ages 18 and older found that 30 percent of responders thought a taco America’s beloved Golden Girl sounded pretty good. Fewer than 1 percent of responders were interested in tacos with Kanye, though.


Want to have tacos with Betty White? Stand in line. Alex Pettyfer got there first! Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Fans of how the Revolutionary War ended up will rejoice that 17 percent of responders chose President Barack Obama as their taco buddy while only 9 percent were interested in Prince Harry.

The survey found that 16 percent picked Matthew McConaughey, 6 percent each picked Hillary Clinton and Michael Strahan, 5 percent named Iggy Azalea and 3 percent chose Rosie O’Donnell.

And then 7 percent chose Kim Kardashian. Presumably if she leaves her husband at home.

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