Awaiting Ferguson grand jury decision, media reports on itself

Absent a grand jury decision from Ferguson but voracious for content, some members of the media (myself included, full disclosure) are resorting to reporting on the media’s favorite topic: itself.

KMOV investigative reporter Chris Nagus noted that reporters outnumbered protestors, at least earlier today:

Fox News is out with a piece titled “Bias Bash: Media need to readjust Ferguson coverage.”

Wesley Lowery, the Washington Post reporter briefly detained while on assignment in Ferguson this summer for the apparent crime of charging his laptop in a McDonald’s, tweeted, “No matter how many times CNN says the announcement could come ‘at any moment now’ it will not become any more true. Will come tonight.

Caleb Bonham, editor in chief of Campus Reform, testily tweeted, “The media seems to be praying for protests in #Ferguson tonight. It’s disgusting. #PrayForPeace.”

Meanwhile St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Nicholas J.C. Pistor observed: “Everyone is tweeting and driving in #Ferguson. Only dangerous thing I’ve seen today.”

Even former reporters can’t resist the siren call of each other.

Andy Pollard, a self-described “former award-winning newsie,” tweeted: I’ve seen 3 different times for a announcement. Glad I left news. I’m so tired of “Better to be first than right.”

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