Donald Trump trashes Charlie Hebdo

The massacre at French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo spurred a rally for freedom in Paris attended by more than a million people and scores of world leaders (but not ours), and the edition published in borrowed offices by surviving staff members quickly sold out millions of copies.


The staff members not murdered during the attack funded by al-Qaida’s Yemen branch published this edition. Millions of copies quickly sold out.

Donald Trump figured this was a good time to trash the staff members not murdered during the attack, for which Yemen’s al-Qaida branch has claimed credit.

“Charlie Hebdo reminds me of the “satirical” rag magazine Spy that was very dishonest and nasty and went bankrupt. Charlie was also broke!” tweeted The Donald.

He followed that up suggesting that the terrorists should have just waited for the publication to fold due to financial straits.

This generated a pretty robust response including one that says it best: “Stay classy.”


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