Bobbi Kristina relatives continue arriving as investigation continues

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s relatives continue arriving to be with her as treatment continues at Emory and the investigation into her plight continues in Roswell.

Her grandmother Cissy Houston, the late Whitney Houston’s mother, and her aunt Pat Houston are among the family members who have come to the hospital.

Photo: @AtlantaFilming

Photo: @AtlantaFilming

Pat Houston is the relative who took out a restraining order last year on Nick Gordon, the man Bobbi Kristina has referred to as her “husband” while both sides of her family dispute they are legally wed.

The townhouse where Bobbi Kristina was discovered one week ago is owned by an LLC out of White Plains, NY; Pat Houston’s signature appears on documents associated with the property.

Meanwhile the investigation into what led to Bobbi Kristina’s medical emergency continues but authorities aren’t talking. Initially the Roswell Police Department released some information about the case but have ceased, citing the ongoing investigation.

Search warrants associated with the case are under seal, Channel 2 reports.



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