Bobbi Kristina’s aunt: I will expose the liars and evil doers

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt Leolah Brown says in a new public post that she intends to expose “the liars” who claim to be on the ailing young woman’s side yet are “evil doers.”

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Leolah Brown posted this photo of herself along with statements about her niece Bobbi Kristina.

Leolah Brown posted this photo of herself along with statements about her niece Bobbi Kristina.

She does not name names.

The 21-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown (Leolah’s brother) has been hospitalized since a Jan. 31 medical emergency. Her medical plight continues as apparent tensions have emerged among some of her family members.

Two of her relatives got into a tussle that the Atlanta Police Department investigated.

A statement issued by an attorney for Bobby Brown disparaged what he called a “side show.”

He and Bobbi Kristina’s companion Nick Gordon have butted virtual heads over visitation.

Nick’s legal team filed, then withdrew, a petition temporary restraining order seeking to thwart a Roswell Police Department search warrant involving a security camera.

Leolah was among the family members who attended a public prayer vigil in Riverdale. In this video clip she thanked supporters and said to keep the prayers coming.

In subsequent statements Leolah has said “My Krissi is alright” and that she is hopeful her niece will “get back to great health.”

Her more recent statement is more pointed, however:

“I will always speak the truth no matter whom or what. For it is God that “I” truly fear. Never will I try to make a name for myself to make one appear bad or ugly in others eyes…for my only interest is The Truth and the well being of my niece Bobbi Kriss Period. With that said stay tuned for THE TRUTH coming from MY mouth. For there is much that is serious and needs to be said to help others coming afterwards. My niece Bobbi Kriss is painfully suffering because of the neglect and greed that certain ones who on a daily basis maliciously aimed to simply see her where she is today. I, as her aunt and one who TRULY loves her will not sit back and let the sick, sad madness and injustice continue. With the help of almighty God, I intend to expose THE LIARS who pretend to have her back but are yet THE evil doers! Their days are Over with the fakeness! It’s Exposing time!”

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