“Give me the straw!” (ex) Starbucks employee caught on video screaming at customer

“Give me the straw! Give me the straw!”

This now former Starbucks employee might shoulda tried the decaf..

"Give me the straw!"

“Give me the straw!”

Grubstreet.com first posted the now-viral video of a customer getting blessed out by an employee over a straw in the Queens, NY coffee shop. It seems there was some sort of misunderstanding over .. something. So naturally the thing to do in this age of ubiquitous cel phone cameras and, you know, The Internet, was to start venting.

Starbucks said in a Facebook post that the enraged barista has parted ways with the company. She has apologized.

I’d like to know more. I bet working at Starbucks is stressful. Maybe this person was having the worst day of her live and the deal with the straw was the proverbial straw. I hope she finds work that suits her demonstrative personality.

Oh and I predict #GiveMeTheStraw starts trending in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..


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