This 1-year-old who refuses to smile is my hero

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This 1-year-old who refuses to smile is my hero.



More than 100 attempts at getting little Sinclair (my friend’s niece) to smile resulted in this photo. Which is perfect if you ask me.

Did your parents try getting you to smile? Did it take hours just to cajole you into a weak little grin like this one here, circa sometime in the fashion-unfortunate 1970s?


I come by it honestly. Look at these old photos. Some of the women in my family are just not into smiling.

This was great-Aunt Somebody's happy face.

This was great-Aunt Somebody’s happy face.


What? I *am* smiling.

What? I *am* smiling.


‘Tis the season for Christmas-card photos. Some kids, like my cute little sister, smile on cue. Other kids force parents and photographers into lengthy and often futile negotiations. Last year during the holidays I happened to be in Phipps Plaza and watched a guy who had to be the hardest working man in show business since James Brown and took this picture.

He’s the guy with the Elmo puppet on his hand:



I say if your kid isn’t smiley, let them be. Sinclair’s mom, Laci Foster of Augusta, took that approach.

“This kid is the most frustrating subject to photograph,” she wrote with the photo she posted (and gave us permission to use) “While most kids will flash you a smile or a kissy face, this is what I get. I gave up after 100+ pictures. As annoyed as I was at first, now I just can’t stop laughing at this picture. I think it may be ‪#‎memeworthy‬.”

I agree! And I am hoping to get this Christmas card or one like it in my mailbox next month:


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