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Jennifer Brett

Tyra Banks quits talk show to focus on beauty business

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Supermodel and television personality Tyra Banks is stepping away from the daytime show “FABLife” to focus on her beauty business.

“I’ve made an executive decision to keep following my heart and spend more time focusing on my army of entrepreneurs, my Beautytainers, so we can bring the power of transformation to people everywhere,” she said in a post on her public Facebook  page.

Photo: Image Group LA/Disney via Getty Images

Photo: Image Group LA/Disney via Getty Images

The Hollywood Reporter reported she’ll remain as executive producer through next month and will join her colleagues – Chrissy Teigen, fashion editor Joe Zee, interior designer Lauren Makk and YouTube star Leah Ashley – in occasional guest visits. The show noted the show “has been a modest ratings performer thus far,The Hollywood Reporter noted.




Known for the award-winning “The Tyra Banks Show,” which ended a few years ago, she also announced last month via Twitter and “America’s Next Top Model” will sunset as well:

Banks wants to focus on her beauty business, she said in her post. Her products are sold online at her web site and via independent consultants.

“You all inspire me,” she said to her “beautytainers.” “Sharing how hard you’re working to make your life better. Showing your friends that beauty is right at their finger tips. Rackin’ up those Bank$igns and achieving your BFOGs – those Big Fierce Outrageous Goals, baby! What you put into your biz is what you will get out of it, and I’m doubling down and working even harder for YOU.”


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