Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaves “Fox and Friends” after 2 years

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AP Photo/Evan Agostini

“I am absolutely looking forward to it and excited to be joining this team,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck told me two years ago in an interview arranged by the Fox News public relations folks. “I’ve been a longtime viewer and fan. ‘Fox & Friends’ has been starting our days for as long as I can remember. I’m thrilled to be on the other side of the screen and on their team.”

Apparently she’s cool with going back to the other side of the screen. She announced she’s leaving to spend more time with her family.

AP Photo/Evan Agostini

AP Photo/Evan Agostini

In a statement Hasselbeck said:

“Oftentimes, the most difficult decisions are between two great things. Throughout my 14 years working in television, I have never experienced a more positive and thoughtful atmosphere than Fox News Channel, thanks to the strong leadership of  Roger Ailes, who has created the best working environment a woman and mother could ask for. His understanding, compassion, and kindness were exemplified when I shared with him that I am entering into a season where I want to start my day with my children first, and he offered his blessing to do so. With a heart full of gratitude and the peace that God has given me, I am confident that this personal decision is the right one for our family, and we will be joining all of you watching Fox & Friends each morning as we get ready for school together.”

She joined F&F after a decade on “The View.” It’s unclear what her future moves might be but here’s what she said when she left ABC for Fox in 2013: “Nothing prepares you for the job you’re going to have like the job you’re going to have.”

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