Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth were fun but this was the real story

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<> at Fox Theater on September 1, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Meeting Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth at the Atlanta premiere of “90 Minutes in Heaven” was fun and all (they’re both very nice) but there was a bigger story that night.

<> at Fox Theater on September 1, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Producer Rick Jackson took the stage at the fabulous Fox Theatre with a host of prominent friends including Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, Grammy-winning artist Michael W. Smith and Emmy-winning broadcaster Monica Pearson.

“I want to talk to you,” Jackson said, directing his comments to the top tiers of the theater. “I know the pain you are experiencing. You wonder, why is this happening? Why does nobody love me? This is not your fault. You are worthy.”

He was speaking to the foster children in the audience, who came to the movie premiere at his invitation. But in a sense he was also speaking to a young boy hiding in the balcony, where his abusive, alcoholic mother would leave him for hours — his childhood self.

Click here to read Jackson’s story, which he shared in Sunday’s Personal Journey, “The Self-Made Philanthropist.” 

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