I join my colleague Bill Torpy in supporting our friend Saeed Ahmed

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My friend Saeed Ahmed (and one of his editors).

My colleague Bill Torpy’s columns never fail to enlighten and inform. They often amuse – and occasionally outrage.

My friend Saeed Ahmed (and one of his editors).

My friend Saeed Ahmed (and one of his editors).

I hope you read them all, but please make sure you don’t miss his latest work, about our friend and former AJC colleague, Saeed Ahmed, who is now a senior assignment editor at CNN, overseeing national and international coverage. Some nitwit emailed a rambling screed following an article Saeed wrote about the San Bernardino shootings.

“Your sick religion has killed more people than world war II. And here you are smiling in an idiot picture,” the fool wrote. “You want Islam? Move back to Iran.”

As always, Saeed was professional and gracious in response. His personal story is inspiring but it’s his to tell (Hint: he’s not from Iran). I don’t want to to steal any thunder from Torpy’s column, either. So I’ll just encourage you to read it and echo his final line: “Please leave Saeed Ahmed alone.”



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