Hall of Famer to Cam Newton: “I’d knock your $%& out of the game”

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Not everybody loves Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton’s end-zone dancing but one former NFL player really hates it. “It’s disrespect,” Hall of Fame defensive end Richard Dent told USA Today Sports.

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My colleague D. Orlando Ledbetter isn’t bothered by Cam’s moves:

“I don’t mind him dancing, Newton, of College Park and Westlake High, just needs to get a better dance. He should call up former Falcons great Billy “White Shoe” Johnson and learn how to dance. Johnson still has the best touchdown dance ever!”

But Dent, who like Cam hails from Atlanta, minds, a lot. The retired NFL player whose longest stint was with the Chicago Bears told USA Today that if he had run across those types of moves on field back in the day his attitude would have been: “I’m going to knock your ass out of the game.”

What do you think?

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