Justin Bieber left a $400 tip after being comped $1,600 in booze, report says

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File photo: Robb Cohen

Justin Bieber thrilled fans at Thursday’s Jingle Ball then went dancing at a popular Atlanta club, where he and his entourage reportedly enjoyed $1,600 worth of booze on the house and then left a $400 tip.

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Robb Cohen

TMZ reports that Bieber and his entourage received two bottles of Don Julio 1942, a bottle of Grey Goose, a bottle of Jack Daniels and some beers. The two waitresses assigned to Team Biebs received a $200 tip each (not a bad gratuity; a 20 percent tip on $1,600 would be $320.)

We’ve reached out to the club, Tongue & Groove, but management opted not to comment. They seemed thrilled that Bieber showed up and hung out the other night – and everyone in the club seemed to have a great time.

What’s the cost of a few bottles of hootch when you have one of the world’s biggest pop star in your club, right?

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