Atlanta Police Department: Uber driver did not rob passenger

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Courtesy of Mike Jacobs

Marcus Lewis, the Atlanta Uber driver implicated in a viral social media post over the weekend is innocent, the Atlanta Police Department said in a lengthy statement: 

UBER DRIVER: “I never picked him up…I’m angry.”


“1.       The Uber driver listed on social media and other forms of media did not rob (Bo Cleary). In fact, the trip was cancelled prior to this driver arriving at Mr. Cleary’s location. Our investigation has determined the driver was on another trip at the time of this possible robbery.

2.       Mr. Cleary was captured on video walking into the parking lot. He was not being followed and showed no obvious signs of distress. He was observed walking down to the adjacent creek in the area of the manhole. The manhole can be accessed from the creek.

3.       The only vehicle observed in the parking lot of the church was believed to be that of the off duty officer working at the location. The off duty officer aided Mr. Cleary. Mr. Cleary did not report to the officer that he was robbed.

4.       It is noted in the Atlanta Fire Report that upon his rescue, Mr. Cleary stated he had been drinking.

Based on these factors, we have not arrived at the conclusion that a robbery took place. We are certain that the Uber driver did not participate in any robbery.” 

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