Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe party at Dallas Austin’s Atlanta house in “The Nice Guys” trailer

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Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe star in “The Nice Guys,” a movie set in Los Angeles circa 1977 but filmed in Atlanta circa 2014. (Ryan at the Buckhead Diner!) The dark comedy due out next summer filmed a memorable scene at producer Dallas Austin’s retro-fabulous home in the Sandy Springs area. (Photo from the set!)

Can you spot it in this trailer?


Ryan and Russell


Austin’s home is where, you may recall, pop star Justin Bieber spent a little time when he was in town earlier last year working on a recording project.

Bieber’s stay at Chez Austin was a little kooky, what with ainterloper arrested at the home while Biebs was staying there and the star’s own bodyguard arrested following a tussle with a photographer.  Not to mention a silly radio-show prank where fake protesters led a spoof march against Bieber’s supposed plans to move here permanently.


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