Ricky Gervais promises to offend at Golden Globes

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The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Ricky Gervais, air at 8 p.m. tonight on NBC. Gervais promises to offend.

Atlanta’s Golden Globe ties


Gervais has unleashed sharply worded barbs during past hosting duties.

“It’s gonna be a night of partying and heavy drinking, or as Charlie Sheen calls it, breakfast,” he said at the 2011 event.

BTW Sheen is set to make another huge announcement tomorrow on “Dr. Oz.”

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NBC compiled a huge cache of Gervais’ acerbic quips here.

After some took offense Gervais apologized not one little bit.

“I was poking fun at a room full of people who pretend to be someone else all day,” he said. “It wasn’t a room full of wounded soldiers. These are Hollywood actors.”

And someone must like his style – he’s back in the host seat tonight. His tweeted message above, promising no holds barred has been edited for family friendliness, obviously. Chances are Gervais’ remarks won’t be.

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