Hillary Clinton is desperate for Kim Kardashian’s cell phone

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Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took a selfie with Kim Kardashian earlier this year and it was a big moment for both of them. Kim posted an ebullient message via social media and the once and possibly future White House resident says she’s been on the hunt for a fancy cell phone like Kim’s ever since.

Clinton discussed the snap (and serious topics, like policy positions) during a recent visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

“She was very nice and of course when she says to me ‘Can we take a selfie?’ I said, ‘Hello, of course.’ I mean that’s like an obvious answer,” Clinton said. “She takes out her phone and she presses the button, I’ve never seen this anywhere else. I mean, you’re a famous celebrity, maybe you have.  I haven’t. She pulls it out it has lights all the way around it like little tiny, tiny lightbulbs. “

The encounter has the former Secretary of State in a lather over that phone: “I have been desperately looking for one of those ever since with no luck. So if anybody knows where you can get one… ”


Clinton discussed other aspects of the campaign. Here’s a transcript, provided by the show:

Ellen: Your husband Bill said you said you would not run for president because you thought you were to aggressive to run for president? What do you mean by that and do you really believe that? 

Hillary:  So much of the perception is routed in very ancient feelings that we have about the roles of men and women. I mean I’ve had so many interesting and very surprising  experiences where men have said to me, ‘Ya know I never thought I’d support a woman for president, but I’m at least considering supporting  you.’ That’s a big step forward and I don’t know how we are going to open the door for more girls and boys to live the lives they chose until we get rid of these stereotypes and caricatures and break through together. 

Ellen: Yeah. Well I’ve said it before. That you are held to a completely different standard. And you know what a supporter I am. I think that you’re as smart as can be. I think you are qualified and I think that you stand for everything that I want in a president. I mean we’re living in a world right now that there’s so much fear. There’s so much going on with the gun violence, with the terrorists. And everyone is scared. I think people need to be reassured that we’re ok. 

HillaryHillary:  I know people are scared and I understand that completely because we do live in some really complicated and and new times where things are happening that don’t seem to add up. I’ve spent a lot of time around families that have lost kids or loved ones to gun violence and there are just no words. I was so proud of the president the other day when he said ‘Hey, we have to do something to stop all of this gun violence.  You send your first grader to school and you don’t expect to lose that child in a mass murder.’ So there’s a lot to be afraid of I think it’s fair for people to feel that, but at the same time we have to put that into the right context. it’s not a pervasive all encompassing set of threats. And we have to get together and work together to try to eliminate  all the threats as much as possible and we can do that.  That’s why people have to really be respectful of each other and listen to each other and not be calling one another names based on religion, or race or gender or LGBT or whatever it might be.  We’ve got understand we are all in this together and at the end of the day if you are in some kind of crisis, people don’t come and ask if you are a Republican or a Democrat,  they just come and say ‘What can I do to help you.'”

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