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Jennifer Brett

Celebs blast Ted Cruz over “New York values” comments

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With three words presidential hopeful Ted Cruz made one of the greatest cities in the world hate him, briefly united his Democratic and Republican rivals and launched a trending hashtag. New Yorkers and New Yorkers at heart, famous and otherwise, are letting him have it with #NewYorkValues. [Coverage of last night’s GOP debate here]

Georgia native Justin Guarini, the runner-up in the first “American Idol” season, sort of captured the mood with this tweet that’s been liked and shared more than 2,000 times:

The New York Daily News was fairly upfront with its take:


Singer and actress Audra McDonald fired back at Cruz with a series of tweets illustrating the greatness of New Yorkers:

Mia Farrow let photos do the talking for her:

If there’s a silver lining might be this sliver of bipartisanship: