Andie MacDowell sparks Twitter war over “tourist class” tweet

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First class. She's worth it.

Andie MacDowell sparked a Twitter war after lamenting in 140 characters or less that she had to sit in coach – which she called “tourist class” – instead of First Class on an American Airlines flight.

First class. She's worth it.

First class. She’s worth it.

The actress, model and L’oreal pitchwoman, who filmed a role in the “Footloose” remake in metro Atlanta a few years ago, was livid after being bumped and complained about it via Twitter.

Her complaint struck some folks as a little off-putting:

Others noted that hey, if you paid for a seat up front, that’s where you should sit.

It’s not clear what caused the seat reassignment. MacDowell intimated that flying with her dog had something to do with it. Her furry friend is a rescue pet. Isn’t she cute?

It looks like she’s decided to stop complaining on Twitter and stop paying for first-class seats on American:

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