Hillary Clinton takes a stand on the “Steve Harvey” show

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Photo: Jeff Schear/NBC

Steve Harvey surprises his audience with a special guest on Wednesday’s show: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The two discussed issues like race relations, gun control and the disappointing letter she received from NASA as a child.

But first, Harvey pinned Clinton down on a key topic and left no wiggle room. “No flip flopping on this one,” he said. “Oh boy..” she answered before he launched his query.

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Photo: Jeff Schear/NBC

Photo: Jeff Schear/NBC

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“Deep dish or thin crust?” Harvey asked.

Clinton pondered the weighty topic for a moment before answering.

“Well, probably, at this point in my life, thin crust,” she said, but then reached across the aisle to add, “I’ve eaten a lot of deep dish over the years and enjoyed every bite of it!”

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