The Rock crushes his insane workout on the way to Georgia

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One of y'all made The Rock mad.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is headed to the Georgia coast for “Baywatch” and will be in top form when he arrives. But maintaining his physique is no easy feat. Check out this video clip of the end of his workout!

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the rock

The Rock posted this photo of himself and Zac Efron on the “Baywatch” set while they filmed in Florida. They’re heading to Georgia next.

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The Rock’s commentary posted with his inspiring gym clip:

“Final crazy set and destroying quads for 75 reps, while “Boyz in the Hood” is blaring thru my speakers and coach Hany Rambod screams ‘Do it for Dre’!,’ ‘Do it for Cube!’ My reaction of ‘CUUUUUBE!’ while smacking my protein shaker cup off the machine is exactly how we would end crazy workouts when I was a teenager. And exactly why me and my buddies got kicked out of every gym we trained in.”

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