Katt Williams brawl captured on video

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Comedian Katt Williams is certainly keeping the social-media embers glowing lately.

The week after his arrest in north Georgia on a simple battery charge, followed by allegations that he pointed a gun at some women in downtown Atlanta, he is trending again on Twitter. This time, his 140-character notoriety is spurred by this fracas at a Philly concert. Someone caught it on video (of course) and it landed on TMZ (where else?)

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Getty Images

PAST: Katt Williams says racial slur prompted fracas that led to arrest

He did take a break to refuel in between episodes, rolling up to the Atlanta Fish Market last Thursday night in a caravan including a Lamborghini, a stretch limousine and a van with dark tinted windows to accommodate his 10-person entourage. We’re told he took home a doggy bag – literally – selecting some salmon pieces to take home to his pooch.

Alas, the tranquility apparently didn’t last long. Here’s the video from TMZ:

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