Guy with perfect hair thrown out of Donald Trump rally

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Raucous activity at Donald Trump rallies are making headlines. The candidate called off a Chicago rally due to security concerns and has faced withering criticism from candidates of both parties.

This guy below? I don’t know why he was booted from a recent Cleveland rally but his perfect hair upon exit drew the attention of fellow attendees.

PAST COVERAGE: Trump says he is extraordinarily handsome and has beautiful hair .. Trump says the government keeps him from washing his hair as he would like to

Twitterer Aaron DaTaurean was among the social media practioners posting video clips of the guy’s departure and remarking upon his tresses. Aaron’s post is here.

“It’s that one guy with the hair,” he posted. (His feed suggests he is a a Bernie Sanders supporter). 

I haven’t been able to learn the identity of Perfect Hair Guy but it seems his own video post should be available – he appears to be filming himself getting tossed.

Lots of other people did, too.

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