Ted Cruz once survived an octopus bite (they bite?)

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Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz once survived an octopus bite, hates avocados and has reached A. the top of Mount Fuji and B. Level 350 of Candy Crush.

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Ted Cruz

The senator revealed these and other fun facts about himself in an Us magazine feature.

Cruz has mentioned the octopus incident in the past but I can’t find a ton of details. In this 2014 interview with right-leaning The Blaze he said the unpleasant encounter “happened when he was a small boy on vacation in Mexico.” It was included in a February list titled “7 of the strangest things Ted Cruz has ever said” in left-leaning Blue Nation Review. 

Apparently an octopus will bite but I can’t find evidence of them going on the attack. Here’s a video titled OCTOPUS BITE(s) HUMAN ..




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