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Netflix and John Stamos pull epic April Fools’ prank

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Hahahaha .. Getty Images

Netflix and John Stamos are April Foolin’ it like a pair of bosses.

Check out your account and you’ll see that Netflix has slapped his name on a dizzyingly random string of shows – all John Stamos approved.

John Stamos will be there for you.

John Stamos will be there for you.

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A little self-effacing humor .. I like it.

Netflix is stamping the John Stamos seal of approval on a random string of shows.

“Popular like John Stamos was in high school.” Ouch, Netflix. Very ouch..

We’re guessing John Stamos is in on the gag here. Otherwise .. *awkward*

stamos 3

John Stamos does have excellent taste!


Hahahaha .. Getty Images

Hahahaha .. Getty Images

Naturally this is breaking Twitter at the moment ..

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