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Jack Nicklaus’ greeter at the Masters: Augusta Chronicle publisher Billy Morris

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A tip of the hat to welcome Mr. Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus posted an absolutely riveting video clip showing what it’s like to be Jack Nicklaus arriving at Augusta National for the Masters. In a nutshell: Awesome. Law enforcement officers shake his hand, tip their hats and dispense with any nonsense about scanning badges or whatever. This is Jack Nicklaus we’re talking about here.

A tip of the hat to welcome Mr. Nicklaus

A tip of the hat to welcome Mr. Nicklaus

“Why are they so nice to you?” asks whoever is filming the video while Nicklaus does the driving. The golfing legend demurs and is unfailingly gracious to everyone he encounters. One officer briefly asks for some ID and then realizes who he’s talking to.

“You don’t have to apologize – you’re doing your job,” Nicklaus says.

As he pulls up to the main entrance, whom does he spot but the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Morris Communications Co. and publisher of The Augusta Chronicle.

“Is that Billy Morris?” Nicklaus asks, spying what appears to be the official greeting committee.. Yes indeed. Welcome to the tournament Mr. Nicklaus!

Here’s the video:



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