Erick Erickson posted an alarming photo from his hospital bed

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Radio host and pundit Erick Erickson on Sunday revealed a serious diagnosis – his “lungs have been filling with blood clots,” and his doctors have told him he “should be dead.”

On Monday he underscored the gravity of his situation by posting a photo from his hospital bed. (Warning – it’s a little graphic).

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“Ecclesiastes says there is a time to heal and a time to be silent. My time for both has come,” he said in an open letter posted online Sunday. He’ll be off the air for a time while he recovers.

Prominent social media practitioners including former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, Fox News analyst Brit Hume and actor Adam Baldwin are among the many tweeting messages of support.

“Many hopes that he’ll be back on the air very soon,” said Atlanta’s Morning News host Scott Slade, who offered some well wishes during this morning’s broadcast on News 95.5 FM/AM750 WSB. “If you’re the praying sort, I hope you’ll send one Erick’s way.”

WSB Program Director Pete Spriggs is unsure when Erickson will return to air for his show, airing weeknights from 5 p.m.-to- 7 p.m. It’s possible he could be back by the end of this week.

Erickson, who seems to have maintained his sense of humor despite his medical ordeal, was kind enough to post the image below with this explanation: So on Thursday a vein blew. Then they put the high dose blood thinner in me and this happened. The 7 year-old says he hopes it turns ‘cyan because that’s his favorite color.”


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