Why is PETA mad at Justin Bieber?

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PETA takes issue with this photo Justin Bieber recently posted of himself petting a chained tiger and calls on him to “never to use animals as selfie props or party entertainment again.”

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Bieber and Tiger


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“Exotic animals used for entertainment are usually torn away from their mothers at a young age, beaten into submission by trainers, and forced to live in cramped enclosures,” PETA wrote in this post. “They may even be fed sedatives so that they’re docile during events and parties like the one Justin attended. Tigers used in this way are denied everything that they need to be happy, and we can only imagine that the tiger Justin posed with has experienced a life of misery. Justin and other guests are lucky that they weren’t attacked by the wild animals. In similar situations, animals have been known to lash out because of the stress of their miserable lives.”

Bieber posted the photo without comment but apparently is an animal lover. He recently posted this photo with a furry friend:

justin bieber and his dog

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