Pat Conroy collection, remembrances to be released this fall

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Associated Press photo: Lou Krask

The late Pat Conroy isn’t done publishing.  “A Lowcountry Heart,” described as a collection of letters, interviews, and magazine articles spanning Conroy’s long literary career, supplemented by work from his friends, will be released on Oct. 25, a day before what would have been his 71st birthday.

Associated Press photo: Lou Krask

Associated Press photo: Lou Krask


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The works will include some of Conroy’s most beloved speeches and interviews, a touching letter to his grandson, and an introduction from his widow, novelist Cassandra King

At the time of Conroy’s funeral and visitation this spring in Beaufort, S.C., his longtime editor Nan A. Talese told the AJC he was about 200 pages into a new novel, to be titled “The Storms of Aquarius.”

“It’s really good,” she said then.

The publishing team continues searching Conroy’s papers with the goal of completing that work.

“He very much wanted to finish, but that was not to be,” Talese said in a statement released on Monday. “We are still searching his journals for more on this novel, and at some point we may have something to share with you. However, because we did not want his faithful readers to be without something from him we gathered together his various nonfiction pieces and we asked his wife, writer Cassandra King, to contribute an introduction.”


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