Tyler Perry’s shoutout to Hillary Clinton from the Oval Office

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Tyler Perry addressed his fellow Americans from the "Oval Office" recently. It's the set of his new TLC series "Too Close to Home."

Live from the Oval Office, it’s Tyler Perry! And by that we mean the Atlanta entertainment mogul did a Facebook Live from the Oval Office set at his studio.

“You thought I was in the Oval Office? No, I’ll leave that to President Obama and .. President Clinton! Because we’re all going to go out and vote for Hillary.”

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My fellow Americans..

My fellow Americans..

Perry didn’t mention GOP contender Donald Trump but threw a little implied shade at the presumptive Republican nominee when a follower asked if Perry would ever consider running for office.

“These days, looks like anybody can run for president,” he said with a groan. “I will never run for president, trust me. The closest I’m going to get to the Oval Office is this one right here. It looks real good, and real fake.”

The set was constructed for his new TLC drama, “Too Close to Home,” which takes place in Washington.

“I feel very presidential sitting at this desk,” he said.

Here’s his entire broadcast:

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