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Tim Lee campaign display on church property

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So much for the separation of church and state.

img_9142-1This campaign display for Cobb Commission Chair Tim Lee’s reelection bid was parked on the property of Marietta First United Methodist Church, where Lee is a member, Sunday morning. The display, not officially sanctioned by the church, was gone by the time services ended on Sunday morning.

Retired Marine Col. Mike Boyce earned the most votes in May’s three-way general election and now meet in next month’s runoff.

PAST COVERAGE: Lee urges use of SPLOST funds for Braves bridges after promising not to

Another plagiarism incident out of Tim Lee’s office

Mike Boyce, left and Tim Lee at a candidate's forum. Photo: Kent D. Johnson,

Mike Boyce, left and Tim Lee at a candidate’s forum. Photo: Kent D. Johnson,

In a recent interview with with AJC political columnist Jim Galloway, Lee blamed low voter turnout for his second-place finish in May.

“I just suffered from low turnout. My voters thought it was going to happen and took care of other priorities in their life,” Lee said, noting the end of the school year and graduations and the Memorial Day weekend all drove down turnout.

Supporters also have pointed to the Braves’ lackluster season, which Tom Cheeks, a citizen who has investigated government and has become a thorn in Lee’s side, found laughable.

“He’s underestimating the intelligence level of the average Cobb County voter,” Cheeks told AJC columnist Bill Torpy. “We’re smarter than that.”

Tim Lee gives an interview at the site of the new Braves stadium. Photo: Jim Galloway,

Tim Lee gives an interview at the site of the new Braves stadium. Photo: Jim Galloway,

From Torpy’s column: “As you remember, Lee cut a deal in secret to give nearly $400 million in tax money to multibillion-dollar conglomerate Liberty Media (AKA the Braves) to get the team to load its gear into moving vans and head north on I-75 to the Smyrna area. Lee even had a code name for the clandestine negotiations with the team — Operation Intrepid — which kind of gives it that Invasion of Normandy feel.”

WWII metaphors found their way into Lee’s interview with the AJC’s Galloway as well:

“I asked Lee whether he recalled that, even after he saved Britain, Winston Churchill was kicked to the curb. If voters can dump him, they can dump anyone.

“That’s good company to be in if that happens,” Lee responded. “I’ll take that moniker. I did what I knew what was right for Cobb County.”


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