Chelsea Clinton says she and Ivanka Trump are friends

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Once and possibly future First Daughter Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump, also in the running for that title, maintain a friendship from behind enemy lines.

“It has nothing to do with politics. We were friends before this election, we’ll be friends after this election,” Clinton, scheduled to introduce her mom tonight, said during an interview with Extra. She even praised her counterpart’s RNC speech: “She was great.”

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Chelsea got choked up during her father former President Bill Clinton’s speech in support of her mom.

“I had to work hard to not cry at many points throughout the speech because I think America got to see why my dad so strongly believes that my mom is the right leader for our country at this moment,” she said. “America also got to see why he’s loved her for so long, and hopefully also understands about why I’m really proud to be his daughter.”

She’s hopeful her preamble will resonate with voters.

“I really wish — I hope, I pray — that at the end of my few minutes, people across the country will understand, even a little bit more about why I’m so proud to be my mother’s daughter,” she said.

And what should her dad be called if her mother follows him into the Oval Office?

“First laddy,” she mused. “He would reach back to his Irish heritage. But I think I have to pull daughter rank… I think First Gentleman has a nice ring to it.”

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