The Olympic sport President Barack Obama won’t watch

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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama posted a video offering their love and support to U.S. Olympic athletes, each revealing their favorite Olympic moments and giving a big thumbs-up to competitors. “We’re behind you, every step of the way. We love you!” the FLOTUS said.

During this lighthearted presidential Q&A, the commander in chief revealed there’s an Olympic sport he won’t watch – and why.

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Both Obamas shared their favorite past Olympic moments. President Obama was moved by Jesse Owens’ triumph during the 1936 Olympics.

Earlier this year, Stephan James portrayed Owens in “Race,” which delved into the enormous international hurdles Owens surmounted, from institutional racism at home to the evils of Nazi Germany during those 1936 Games.

Our interview with Stephan James

The president also got a kick out of Michael Johnson and his gold running shoes.

But there’s one sport that, while he admires its competitors, he can’t bear to watch. He explains here:


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