Here are photos of the gas-station damage Ryan Lochte caused in Rio

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Ryan Lochte is apologizing (and suggesting he’s traumatized) after the recent unpleasantness in Rio. Looks like the ordeal created at least one business opportunity, for whoever sold photos of the gas station where it all went down to TMZ.

Getty Images

Getty Images

A shutterbug credited as “our guy in Rio” snapped these photos of a cracked sign and a doorway.

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“Although cops talked about a mirror that was broken in the bathroom, we saw no evidence of this and someone who works there said the sign was the only thing damaged,” TMZ reported. “Lochte claims he and the other swimmers offered around $50 for the damage but the station wanted more. Our Lochte sources tell us he paid around $400. Our sources say by extracting exponentially more than the damage warranted, with the help of a gun, that constituted robbery and therefore the police report was not false.”


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