Atlanta motorists’ photos show impact of gas shortage

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AJC photo: John Spink

Atlanta motorists are sharing photos of long lines, empty gas stations and some triumphs amid temporary gas shortages affecting our region.

MORE: Econ prof blasts anti price gouging laws like the one Gov. Nathan deal just signed.

Amy Voss filled her tank and shared her victory:

Darnell Foster filled up, too. It wasn’t cheap:

Tammy Garnes on the other hand was looking for other options:

Commentator Neal Boortz weighed in on Gov. Nathan Deal’s decision to sign anti price gouging legislation:


John Fricke posted this photo showing long lines at one area gas station:

This user found a station with no gas at the moment:

Monise Seward saw the positive side of things:

And Gil Golan named who he thinks is the real culprit:

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