Celebs react to the presidential debate

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sparred over trade policy, race and law enforcement issues and who has the better temperament to combat terrorism during Monday night’s debate.

img_1415Trump doesn’t back down

Clinton’s name spelled wrong on debate tickets?

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Here’s a look at how famous viewers rated their performances:

John Legend wasn’t impressed by Trump going into the debate:

Afterward it seemed he felt the choice was clear:

Here’s what Shonda Rhimes had to say:

Kirstie Alley has expressed support for Trump previously but mainly objected to Monday’s debate format:

Hulk Hogan also has expressed support for Trump but only retweeted this post. Heck, he’s used to jumping in rings, why not?

Sorry but Kanye West was unavailable:

Rob Lowe, who also has expressed conservative views, didn’t say much during the debate but retweeted this sentiment about host Lester Holt:

Seth Rogen also focused on the host:

Alyssa Milano retweeted several commenters critical of Trump, but this is her pinned tweet:


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