For one week only, you can buy this official Ken Bone T-shirt

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In this long, bizarre and nasty political season, America needed a hero. Ken Bone, with his cuddly sweater and endearing charm, answered the call. Now you can embrace your own inner Bone identity, with this stylish T-shirt, available for just one week.

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Bone, posing in carpenter jeans, his iconic sweater tied jauntily over his shoulders not unlike a superhero’s cape, advertised what is sure to be a collector’s item on his Twitter feed.

The garment is available in sizes up to 3XL. Like Bone himself, the T-shirt has enough love for everyone.

“I don’t believe in political parties, I just believe in parties,” he says in a promo on the order site. ‘This is my OFFICIAL and ONLY limited edition shirt.  America, I’m with you.” Sincerely,  Ken.”

Order it here.

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