Ken Bone teams with Izod for inspiring Washington trip

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Ken Bone has teamed up with Izod, maker of his iconic sweater, for a video encouraging people to vote. Video provided to the AJC by United Entertainment Group.

Ken Bone, the mild-mannered Midwesterner whose comfy red sweater and retro point-and-shoot at the recent town hall presidential debate made him an overnight Internet sensation, teamed with Izod for an inspiring trip to the nation’s capital.

The adroitly self-aware video documenting the trip shows Bone reaching into his closet (crammed with identical red Izod sweaters) and snapping photos of historic D.C. sites with that trusty disposable. He crashes a wedding, plays soccer with kids, meets and greets military personnel and poses for lots of selfies.

“I’m not a politician. I’m just a guy with a positive message,” he says. His message: exercise your right to vote.

The video is titled “Ken Bone’s 15th Minute.” Here it is:


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