Vice President Mike Pence is headed to the Super Bowl

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AJC file photo: Curtis Compton,

HOUSTON – Vice President Mike Pence apparently is on his way.

Pence tweeted a photo indicating he will be in attendance when the Falcons and Patriots meet for Super Bowl 51.

There’s been no indication President Donald Trump would attend. Were that the case, the already extraordinarily tight security would ratchet up even more.

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Trump hasn’t mentioned the game on his Twitter account in the last few days, instead turning to his favorite communication platform to fulminate about the federal judge who ruled in opposition to his temporary travel ban affecting refugees and foreigners, the New York Times, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other topics he finds vexatious.

Speaking with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly from the White House, Trump said he thinks the AFC Champions will prevail in Super Bowl LI.

When pressed by O’Reilly to give a prediction, he replied, “I think the Patriots will win ….they’ll win by eight points.”


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