Georgia State’s Twitter gets savage in a hurry as storms batter Atlanta

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Here's the response the official Georgia State University Twitter account posted in response to a student who said they wouldn't make it to class today given the weather.


Whoever is running the Twitter at Georgia State University has an advanced degree in savage.

“Hope you have an umbrella,” the school’s tweet master posted in response to a student who asked if she was going to have to slog through the deluge.

Response from GSU:  “IDK (I don’t know) if you know this, but I don’t decide to cancel classes… I just respond to your tweets.”

They tacked on a “CALM DOWN” GIF for good measure.

Another tweeter posted, “Due to the amount of water and cars on the road I’m going to have to cancel class myself because I refuse to get splashed today.”

GSU came back with a NeNe Leakes GIF with a hashtag that read simply: “Bye.”

A little later on the account posted a sorry-if-anyone-was-offended apology.



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