May Day rioters defy Kendall Jenner and throw Pepsis at cops

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Portland anarchists used full Pepsi cans as weapons instead of peace offerings like Kendall Jenner. (Image from Pepsi's much derided ad.)

Rioters mad about pretty much everything used full cans of Pepsis as weapons during a May Day melee in Portland, Ore.

This is so not how it was supposed to end, according to community tension defuser Kendall Jenner, who proved that all you need to do to mend fences is hand a police officer a Pepsi, and then everyone is friends again.

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According to the Associated Press and television channel KOIN News 6, anarchists dressed all in black, with black ski masks and bandanas around their faces, carried signs that read “Radicals for Science!” and “No cuts! Tax the rich!” destroyed a police car, set several fires in the street, damaged windows and attacked police.

The vandals swarmed a permitted May Day march where demonstrators protected the Trump administration’s actions to stem illegal immigration and other policies, but it was shut down when things got violent. The Portland Police Department provided updates via Twitter including the news of Pepsi cans used as weapons:

The department later noted that 25 people had been arrested. Here’s what they look like without the ski masks:

BTW Kendall was not available to broker negotiations between police and protesters yesterday – she was at the Met Gala in New York:

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