Zac Efron is *totally* positive there will be a “Baywatch” sequel

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Photo: Paramount Pictures

Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teamed up for the big-screen adaptation of the “Baywatch” television series. Filmed largely on the Georgia coast, it’s due out May 25.

And there will absolutely, positively, most definitely be a sequel and we are not even kidding.

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The Hoff schools Zac Efron on “Baywatch” set

Check out this photo of Zac mid-air on the “Baywatch” set

Just check the Internet. That totally makes it true, right?

Zac took to his Twitter the other day to answer questions from fans. Here are a few of our favorites.

Question: What’s the most surprising thing about The Rock?

Question: What was the best part about making the movie?

Question: Was it tough walking in heels during that one scene?

In response to one question asking if there will be a “Baywatch 2,” Zac broke some news. Not only is there going to be another “Baywatch” but another one after that!

See? This proves it:

Kidding aside we’re getting a sneak peek a few days before the movie comes out. Stay tuned for details (but no spoilers. We wouldn’t do that!)


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