Learn this one tip and master fine-dining etiquette

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Photo: Pixabay.com

Erika Preval is proprietor of Charm Etiquette, where those of us who could stand a little refresher course in proper etiquette (note: that’s pretty much everyone) can turn to for guidance. Her events quickly sell out – there was waiting list for the May 21 “Time Out: Southern Charm,” held at Bar Margot at the Four Seasons.

Until the next opportunity arises, here are some of her top tips for becoming more correct:

  • There are lots of distractions these days, however, the person your feet are facing gets your full attention until you excuse yourself from the conversation.
  • Allow for the flow of traffic by standing to the side while waiting for elevator or train doors to open and walk to the right on sidewalks and stairways.
  • When invited to a gathering, let your host know the status of your RSVP as quickly as possible so that they can plan for the event and accommodate you properly. Unless it states “Regrets Only” they’re waiting for your response.
  • Notify your host, ahead of the event, of any food allergies or restrictions. If being held within a home, offer to bring a dish to share so that he/she doesn’t have to rearrange the menu.
  • Worried about sipping from the wrong glass or nibbling from the wrong bread plate? Remember BMW – detailed in the video above.



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