Mad about airport security? Read this. You won’t be anymore.

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Image: TSA

I was listening to my buddies at 95.5 FM/WSB 750 AM talking airport security this morning (a new poll apparently shows people are most irked at having to take off their shoes) and wanted to resurface a couple of past posts.

In just one week earlier this year TSA agents plucked 73 guns out of luggage people were trying to get through airport security – and onto planes! Of those 66 were loaded 27 of which had a round chambered. Weapons discovered in the Atlanta airport included a .45 and a 9 mm, according to TSA data. 

Last fall I posted this piece detailing some of the crazy stuff people try to get onto planes besides handguns. We’re talking hatchets, hand grenades, blades, and whatever the thing above is.

I’m actually getting ready to fly later today – and will not mind taking off my shoes one bit!


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