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Victor Hill posted a photo with Robert De Niro and we have so many questions

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Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill loves to pose for photos with celebs.

Like this one with Shaquille O’Neal – an officially sworn in Clayton County deputy. (Shaq told us he goes on ride-alongs all the time with Clayton cops – see our interview in the video clip below).

Hill also posted this one with pro wrestler Ric Flair, another new honorary member of the force.

The lawman’s latest is with actor Robert De Niro, who’s in town filming “The War With Grandpa,” starring Cheech Marin and Uma Thurman. Oakes Fegley, who starred as Pete in “Pete’s Dragon,” plays the grandson.

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Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill seriously has the best outfits

The production apparently has set up shop in Hill’s area, and while the actor and “The Crime Fighter” (as Hill calls himself in his posts) are all smiles .. we have so many questions.

First, take a look:


Now is anyone else wondering, was there not time for Mr. De Niro to get dressed? (Or maybe he likes lounging in his robe. There are worse way to live).

And does get to be an honorary deputy now too? We’re thinking he’d be good at it. Who’s going to give Deputy De Niro any back-talk?

Is Hill providing security or just paying a visit?

Is the sheriff’s vest standard-issue or a bespoke design (we kind of love it).


We’ll see if the Crime Fighter posts a follow-up.



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