The best Mooch memes

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Bye, Mooch. We'll always have GIPHY.

For a guy who lasted in his job all of 10 days, Anthony Scaramucci has left quite a legacy. And by that we mean he’s inspired some seriously clever memes.

The White House communications chief was ousted after communicating a little too vociferously with a New Yorker reporter, leaving late night comics openly mourning the loss of comic fodder.

Stephen Colbert seemed like he might need grief counseling. “I come to you tonight a broken man,” his monologue began.

He later held a hello/goodbye “party” for the Mooch:

Jimmy Kimmel scored an interview with him. No, not really. It’s just some guy who sort of sounds like him and cusses a lot. You get the sense that they counted on having the Mooch around a little longer to inspire sketches. Alas..

While the Mooch is history (for now, anyway) we’ll have to savor these memes.

This one’s the clear winner:

Here are some others..


And here is my humble contribution:

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