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Watch these guys free an owl trapped in soccer goal netting

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An owl hopelessly trapped in netting is free as a bird again, thanks to some caring and diligent workers who thankfully had safety gloves and a box cutter at the ready.

A video clip posted the other day by Native American Cherokee chronicled the successful rescue mission.

“Watch the claws,” one of the guys cautions at the beginning of the endeavor, no doubt a tense one at times. Owls’ talons are no joke.

The extrication took place in Mississippi (judging from an auto license tag visible in the video) but there’s not a lot of additional information provided. It is clear, though, that without the kindness of strangers, the owl would not have fared well.

“This bird would be dead,” of the guys says as work to free the animal is underway.

It appears the bird of prey was trapped in soccer goal netting; once it is free from the netting workers proceed onto the field to complete the rescue mission by carefully removing the netting from its wing; you can see other goals in the distance when that happens.

“Gorgeous!” one of the rescuers proclaims mid-mission.

Here’s the whole clip. Watch the entire thing – there’s a very happy ending!

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