Scott Baio is sorry for fake-news post about Charlottesville victim’s mom

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Actor Scott Baio speaking at the Republican National Convention. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Actor Scott Baio is apologizing for retweeting a conspiracy-theory photo montage that seems to suggest something shady regarding the mom of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer.

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The post includes two photos, one showing the mother of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim and the other a photo of Heyer’s mom. Both women are speaking at their children’s funerals and bear a slight resemblance. By that we mean they’re both women with shoulder-length hair who wear glasses.

“Thoughts,” Baio posted with his retweet of the image, accompanied by a “hmmm..” emoji.


Upon drawing a swift and sweeping backlash he removed the image and apologize, but Twitter’s still letting him have it.

The images that Baio retweeted and then deleted originated from the White Rabbit Twitter account, a feed brimming with apocryphal posts. Example: an item from a spoof web site claiming Delaware is exhuming the bodies of Confederate soldiers and plans to dump the remains in a lake, authored by a “reporter” described as “a prominent heroin addict.” If it’s not blindingly obvious, a 2-second search reveals the site’s legal disclaimer reading: “everything on this website is made up. Do not rely on anything said here.”

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