Bobcat Goldthwait is filming “Misfits and Monsters” in Atlanta

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Comic Bobcat Goldthwait has an interesting new project in the works now in Atlanta. “Misfits and Monsters” is billed as an “anthology of stories told via different genres that satirize social norms and flawed characters.”

It’ll air on TruTV but we don’t know a lot more. He’s been posting some tantalizing hints on social media though.

He’s spent plenty of time in Atlanta in the past, for stand up gigs at venues such as Laughing Skull Lounge. AJC writer Jon Waterhouse talked to him prior to one past show.

“I’m not really trying to reach a big mass of an audience,” Goldthwait said, referring to the project he was working on at the time. “My movies are done for a tiny, tiny budget and that affords me to make them more personal.”

See the entire interview here.


Looks like the sets have been quite lively!


For the past 4 days I've been pretending like I knew what in the world was going on around me, acting hard w/ makeup on & taking direction from one of the nicest, coolest, most encouraging person I've ever got to work with. This was the most fun comedy thing I've ever done & working with @bobcatgoldthwait was a DREAM for many reasons. S/o to @plugchapman…when we link up around cameras bro it's always a good thing. S/o to @rossbb bro YOU ARE A FOOL, a talented hilarious fool & it was a pleasure & I hope we run into each other again. S/o to @mrbrycejohnson for letting me yell at you lol, you were great! S/o to all the crew for letting me bug y'all with stupid questions & most importantly s/o to all the black women on set that never let ya boy be ashy not a one time, y'all are my heart! Ya boy is an actor now! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ #MisfitsAndMonsters @trutv

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